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About sixteen years ago, the County of Wellington and Region of Waterloo undertook a unique partnership by jointly leasing a 44.5 kilometre stretch of abandoned rail right-of-way from the Province for development as a multi-use recreational trailway between the outskirts of Guelph of the village of Millbank. Today, the Kissing Bridge Trailway is operated under the stewardship of six community groups who have developed various sections of the trail. These groups depend upon donations to support their ongoing work to complete the trail, including bridge installations.

While the KBTA was developing at the east end, the Goderich to Auburn Rail Trail (GART) was being developed on the west end along with a small section in Blyth, Ontario. All of this was a compliment to the deep dedication of the Menesetung Bridge Association who rallied the people of Goderich to convert the connecting railway bridge into a pedestrian walkway overlooking Lake Huron.

Our commitee is seeking individuals, businesses and foundations who will help us to continue the project. We want to "build" the bridges , improve the trail and connect our communities, all the way to Lake Huron.